Who is PlasticLess?

Plasticless is a leading company that uses bamboo and wild grass to develop a range of top-quality organic straws to fight the destructive challenges posed by the excessive use of plastics.

We balance the values, sustainability, and aesthetics to standout in the world of our competitors. 

Our Value To Customers & Partners

Apart from just selling quality straws, we are striving to

- Create jobs, and stable sources of income for the talented men and women as our products are 100% handmade and are naturally grown.

- Offer value to our customer's money by providing them the best of the best of our products at very competitive prices.

- Reduce the entry of tons of harmful plastics into our environment by replacing single time use plastic products with the reusable organic ones.

- Let our every customer feel special with our personal client servicers regardless of their order size.

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Our Missions:

Our organic straws are readily biodegradable, safe to use, and the best replacements to plastic-based straws.

Moreover, our products are FSC and ISO 22000 certified. With our little efforts to be in close with nature and save the planet from the canker of plastic pollution, we can create an environment that is safe for each species living on the earth. Individually we are nothing, but together we can make a big difference.

Safe to use

It has been evidenced through many studies that bamboo's fibers confer antibacterial properties making it difficult for the germs to reside on it.

Furthermore, both bamboo and grass straws are grown naturally and lack harmful additives, unlike plastic straws.

Reduce the evils of plastic pollution

With the increased reliance on plastic-based products nowadays, it is predicted that by 2050, our oceans will have more plastic than the total fishes. The plastic waste generated is somehow dumped ultimately into the ocean. Bamboo and grass straws are made out of natural sources and do not put marine life in danger.

Good for human health

The bamboo and grass straws are usually free of any artificial preservatives or harmful chemicals. They do not secrete any toxins in the drinks, especially in hot beverages, unlike plastic straws. The substances secreted from plastic straws are sometimes carcinogenic, which is avoided by using organic straws, rendering them safe for human health.

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