Who is Plasticless?

Plasticless is a leader in natural products as a substitute for persistent products on the market today. We are proud that our farms and businesses are closely linked to building a brand, bringing our country's agricultural products out to the great powers of the continent, and creating brands. The products with the best aesthetics and quality reach consumers all over the world. Our products are readily biodegradable to the environment and do not have any adverse effects on the soil.

About Us

Directly From Our Manufacture To You!

The products have been manufactured and processed from raw materials and finished products through farms and Vietnam businesses. Plasticless does not go through sales intermediaries, but we link farms and enterprises to create products with the best prices for partners who want to buy in bulk and cooperation long-term cooperation in the future. Also, our manufacturing processes are strictly monitored and managed for the safety of products and products' quality to avoid causing problems such as breakage or low rate.

Plasticless always creates the best trust from customers and partners in the future. Therefore, our products are fully licensed for production safety, soil safety where raw materials are grown through the certificates SGS, ISO 17070. We will provide full document test results of products in documents to partners that need to supply products in bulk.